Booking & Safety Measures HOH


We want everyone who visits our pub to be as safe as possible while also being able to have a great time. The safety of our customers and staff is important to us and to prevent the risk of the virus spreading further and preventing the rate of infection increasing, we have implemented a number of strict safety measures. This is for the benefit of all:

1: Customers to santise their hands when entering the building

2: Be respectful of others and keep at least 1 metre away from people not in your group

3: Only 6 people per table. We are not currently taking bookings larger than this.

4: We advise customers book tables in advance where possible, although we can also accommodate walk-ins if tables available.

5: Customers who have a booking or wish to be seated inside should wait until a member of staff shows them to their table, you can then order via the ROUND APP and we will bring over your order (details will be on the table). To save time you can download our table ordering APP here ANDROID or APPLE

6: For TAKE OUT and DRINK OUTSIDE customers please queue to the left front side of the bar near the fridges and wait to be served. Follow the stickers on the floor.

7: Only seated customers allowed inside, no standing drinking

8: Santize your hands before entering the restroom, we monitor and clean the facilities but please ensure you wait for people to come out of the toilet before entering i.e. try not to pass in narrow doorways/entrances.

9. Face masks must be worn before being shown to your table and when going to the toilets, this is now a legal requirement.

10. Due to new restrictions our closing time is strickly 11pm, no exceptions.

11:  We reserve the right to not serve you or ask you to leave, if you do not abide by the above rules, these measures are in place for our staff and your safety.


Some ‘walk up’ tables may be available at short notice but this can not be guaranteed, so booking is recommended.

We only have a very limited amount of tables for under 3 people, but do accept walk-ins for smaller groups.

For future parties, wedding and event bookings enquiries please also email but please bare in mind we are not taking bookings for over 6 people throughout 2020.

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