TINT (Nitro London Dry Stout) 4.3%

TINT (Nitro London Dry Stout) 4.3%

You may have seen over the last few weeks some info about our exciting new release TINT our London Nitro Dry Stout. Well if not, the last 4 months we have been busy brewing, developing, testing and tasting a beer that we believe to be Hammerton’s best looking pint, it’s also damn tasty too. TINT’s big release date is 12.05.22. During the launch month you where only be able to find the beer at a select number of launch sites. Our launch were dotted across London, Cambridge, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Liverpool to name but a few.

TINT is now available across the UK, if you are interested in having you very own TINT Nitro line installed please do get in touch.

Tasting Notes:

A London Dry Stout carbonated with Nitrogen, with balanced flavours of roasted barley and subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. A creamy, rich but smooth brew.

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