TINT (Nitro London Dry Stout) 4.3%

TINT (Nitro London Dry Stout) 4.3%

One of the our latest beers to join our core range is TINT our Nitro Dry Stout which is easiest Hammerton’s best looking pint, it’s also damn tasty too. 

What’s the difference between a Nitro beer and a beer carbonated with CO2? Most beers are carbonated with CO2, of over 150 beers we have brewed TINT is the only beer not carbonated with CO2 at Hammerton, so Nitrogenated beers are not the norm. In simple terms, nitrogen beers differ from CO2 due to their bubbles. CO2 beers are likely to have larger bubbles while nitrogenated beers have smaller tighter bubbles. This gives the beer a smoother and creamer “mouthfeel” The smaller bubbles also lead to more stable foam/head and offer better head retention to create a amazingly smooth pint. 

Tasting Notes: A Nitrogenated London Dry Stout, the initial pour creates the cascade effect to form a thick tight and full creamy head. Balanced flavours of roasted barley and subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. A creamy, rich, smooth and velvety brew. 

Since that time, we have invested heavily in research and development with nitrogen technology. We have invested in a liquid nitrogen tank and nitrogen doser for our canning line, and have been carrying out R&D using widget cans for the last 12 months. Hammerton is now believed to be the only English brewery to can a stout using widget cans.

*****TINT Widget Cans Release August 2023*****

After a successful pre-release event at London Craft Beer Festival, we are now ready to release our widget cans. The big release will take place at more than 20 sites across the UK, from London to Liverpool, on Friday 25th August with a free can giveaway.

For more info about the TINT Widget Cans see The Brewers Journals Article.

See map below for participating sites and terms and conditions.

Draught Sites: Each participating pub draught site will receive 20 cans to be given to the first 20 customers that buy a pint of TINT (one can per customer).

Bottle Shops (No Tint Draught) free can of TINT for first 20 customers that buy 3 cans of any HAMMERTON(one can per customer).

If you do not have a Nitro line we can help with free installation of the equipment you need and also provide a great discount on TINT fixed lines. If you are interested to pour our dark and creamy Nitro stout, please get in touch.

List of participating sites: The Elgin w9, Coin Laundry EC1R, The Charlotte Despard N19, Indiebeer N7, Green Dragon – Whitby, Black Cat – Liverpool, Admiral Arms – Sheppey, Blind Tiger – Peterborough, Blue Moon – Cambridge, Ale House – Chelmsford, Craft Beer Cabin SE25, Clapton Craft (E17 Only), Heist Bank W2,  Alice House Hampstead NW6, Alice House Queens Park NW6, Never For Ever NW5, Angel of Bow E3, Craft Tooting sw17, The Gallery NW6, House of Hammerton N7, Hammerton Brew Taproom N7

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